Subversive Film Festival

subversive film festival 2012Presentation, Discussion and Q&A with Dina Pokrajac
Time: 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Date: Friday 23rd October
Venue: Pagoda Arts Centre, Henry St, Liverpool, L1 5BU.

Subversive Festival was founded in Zagreb, Croatia, in 2008. The initial edition celebrated the 40th anniversary of the protests of 1968 and combined political theory and film in an effort to examine their legacy and identify subversive practices that radically alter the dominant socio-economic structures. Subversive Festival was conceived as an interdisciplinary, hyper-textual, trans-subjective, political attempt at demystification of visual taboos and the critical analysis of film as a powerful contemporary art form that can be used for subverting the neoliberal status quo. Dina Pokrajac, a film program coordinator and member of the organisational team behind Subversive Festival, will join us to deliver a presentation about the Festival and participate in a discussion. FREE Radical Film Network Event. Open to everyone.

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