Screamers (2006, Carla Garapedian) and 100 Years Later (2015, John Lubbock)


Screenings and Q & A
Time: 7:30pm - 10:30pm
Date: Saturday 24th October
Venue: Pagoda Arts Centre, Henry St, Liverpool, L1 5BU.

Long before the Holocaust, the first genocide of the 20th century occurred in the former Ottoman Empire (now Turkey). Beginning in 1915, at least 1 million Armenians perished while the world did nothing. Screamers explores why genocides continue to occur in modern day history and features the rock band System Of A Down, whose families include Armenian Genocide survivors, as well as people involved with genocides in Rwanda and Darfur. Screamers also examines genocide denial in current-day Turkey, and the neutral trend that the United States generally holds towards genocide. 100 Years Later looks at the progress being made on the ground, exploring a subject that just 10 years ago was so taboo that you could be prosecuted for mentioning it. Filmmaker(s) and other invited guests will be here for engaging Q+A.  FREE EVENT.


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