Los Tradores/The Traitors (1973, Raymundo Gleyzer)

Raymundo-filmando-Los-traidoresScreening and Introduction by Humberto Perez-Blanco
Time: 2:30pm - 4:30pm
Date: Saturday 24th October
Venue: Upstairs, 45 - 61 Duke Street, Liverpool, L1 5AA.(This venue is not accessible for wheelchair users)

2016 sees the 40th anniversary of the murder of radical filmmaker, Raymundo Gleyzer, by Argentina’s military dictatorship. Gleyzer’s rarely seen, semi-fictional masterwork, The Traitors, is a compelling political thriller about a trade unionist corrupted by his rise to power. Skillfully weaving documentary and fictional sequences, the film foregrounds the Peronistas movement of Argentina during the country’s most explosive political era. FREE EVENT.

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