Grandstand in the Bandstand: The Life Of Brian

26262Friday 2nd October 2015
The Bandstand, Newsham Park, Liverpool.

6:30pm onwards

In collaboration with Tree House Liverpool, we will be screening Monty Python’s ‘Life of Brian’ (1979). This event is the first in a series of ‘Grandstand in the Bandstand’ activities being facilitated by Tree House Liverpool as a way of using art, creativity and curiosities as a way of stimulating and provoking discussions and dialogues about topic. The religious satire in this well-known (and generally loved!) film will be used as a means through which conversations about this topic can emerge. Join us for a sing-a-long and a bit of a chat… Remember to bring coats, coats, more coats and some blankets as this is an outdoor screening… so it may be a bit chilly!


2 comments on “Grandstand in the Bandstand: The Life Of Brian”

  1. Rog Reply

    Life of brian what an excellent choice. I remember thaf film caused a bit of controvisty at the time. I hope people arnt offended by it now. & treat it for what it is.
    Its just a laugh

    • Hayley Reply

      Hopefully it will inspire some decent discussion though… as well as making folk laugh! It’s our first proper outdoor screening, so we are hoping all works out tech-wise!

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